Bloom v1.1 Major Update

Today we're launching Bloom v1.1, a major update that features a large amount of new story content, new collectables, new flowers, and more! This is available now on Catalog, or as a free update if you already own the game here on Itch. 

How do I patch my game?

If you already have Bloom installed, patching is easy. It will not affect your save file, as these are separate from the game files.

For web sideloading: simply upload the new zip file and your Playdate will automatically patch the game. If you sideloaded before February 2023, please refer to this page:

For USB sideloading: overwrite the old .pdx folder with the new .pdx folder.

If you are just now installing Bloom for the first time, whether on Itch or Catalog, there is nothing you need to do!

Full Changelog

New stuff

  • Brand new story and characters unlocked after completing the main game
  • New "Chill Mode" to listen to the soundtrack (plus unused tracks!)
  • New flowers and more collectable items
  • Unlockable phone wallpapers as you play
  • Added and improved background animations
  • Added new enemy to Hoshiko minigame, rebalanced scoring
  • Added new rent payment

Minor tweaks/fixes

  • Added ability to replay gacha sound effects
  • Added high score target to Hoshiko minigame
  • Minor character design changes
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Minor text fixes
  • Fixed glitch involving random flower growth
  • Fixed glitch where the game would stutter on a new day

Catalog page:

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Mar 07, 2023

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