Keep a dying language alive in this mix of a sim-management and typing game! Place characters into buildings and type out their interactions with others. The better you do, the better they get at the language! See how many days you can last!

How to play:

Place citizens in buildings and shops by dragging them to the popup. Other citizens will visit these shops to interact, allowing you to type phrases to gain language proficiency! Certain classes also increase efficiency in their respective shops.

Click on citizens to view stats
Click & drag to move into buildings
Type the phrase quickly to win "battles"!

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AuthorRNG Party Games
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 46
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Fun, but a little confusing


Interesting concept, I liked the little touches like the news-ticker and the Animal Crossing-esque chirping as you type. It might help if you provide in the description how to raise each stat. I still haven't figured out how to raise the Brain stat so I'm not sure I'm seeing the whole game yet.

Also can you provide the link to your Ludum Dare entry so I can rate it? Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback!! Good catch, forgot to link the submission:

The percentage stat (I think it's supposed to be a book icon) is proficiency, which you boost by doing the typing minigame!

The others are food, energy, productivity, and social. These get boosted by interacting with the  various different building types. Hope that helps!