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Unfortunately I had to stop when I finally got to the actual water carrying mechanic. There’s no way I could keep the playdate as stable as the game requires while also cranking it and using the dpad to move, unless maybe I used a clamp and crunched my device a bit. Maybe if I flipped the screen? The world is cool to see and I like the idea of needing to crank to move as a robot, but in practice this feels like what it must have been like to try playing Kid Icarus Uprising on an original size 3DS, except maybe worse? It was fun getting the collectibles, but I’m not sure if I’d have ended up needing any of them, since they’re a bunch of icons without names or any indication of importance. Good music.


First off, I can't believe you managed to make such a unique but challenging control method actually feel fun! I was really thinking the controls would have hampered or changed how I felt about the game because at the start... they are abrasive, but once I got going it actually was a lot of fun doing two things at once. 

I got an ending that kinda caught me off guard. It wasn't where I thought it was going and did have to ask: do multiple endings exist?

Regardless I love the pixel art, atmosphere and the music. So well done!

Glad to see you actually got all the way through! The controls are definitely (intentionally) weird, we went into the jam with the goal of making a unique movement system within Pulp. But it does sort of have a nice flow to it once you get used to it.

The story we sort of came up with last minute, there's only one ending. The "lore" is that you are a robot in a post-apocalypse world designed to kill, but you've malfunctioned so you instead want to grow plants (and have to fight off another robot in the end). Not sure if any of that came across but we definitely made it up as we went along (and I really just wanted to have an excuse to program a final boss sequence).

Anyways thanks for playing and thanks for the awesome playthrough!


Is there a way to save the game?